Hotel Jobs in Japan Interview 1

This is the first entry into a set of interviews with some of our successful clients. If you’re interested in hotel jobs in Japan I hope this series will help you with your search, and provide a little insight.

We recently got some amazing news from D-san regarding his visa application. Late last year we spent an afternoon at the immigration office to change his Working Holiday Visa into an International Services visa, and he finally received his new residence card!

D-san is now working full time at the Osaka hotel we introduced to him.

I recently caught up with him to ask him a few questions about how the Japanese job hunt was and how things are going now–and also treat him to a congratulatory beer.

Coming to Japan

So, would you mind letting me know why you decided to come to Japan in the first place?

I just loved Japan. I just wanted to study Japanese, like you. Then I had a year exchange in Japan, and I just loved Osaka. So that’s why I came to Japan.

What is it about Osaka that you liked?


Okay, any particular reason you decided to live in Osaka?

Well I actually love Japanese comedy, so that’s why I chose to come to Osaka, the home of Japanese comedy.

When did you decide you wanted to work in Japan? Like when did you decide to stay rather than finish your working holiday and go home?

Well actually my plan all along, when I was studying Japanese, was to come and stay in Japan long-term. So I did my exchange program to improve my Japanese. Then I used the Working Holiday Program to get here. My plan was not to go back to Canada after one year, I used this opportunity to come and find a job in Japan.

Finding a Job

Would you mind me asking what you were doing to find work before meeting crobo?

I was looking for work and I found you guys through Facebook. I found one of your posts in a job search community.

Were you using any sites besides Facebook?

Of course I used all of the popular sites like GP or DJ. There are so many, and I used just about everything. I was looking for a hotel job in Japan because that is one way of improving my language skills and you guys had hotel jobs posted.

What are some of the differences between us and other sites?

The thing is when you use another website, you send an application and you might be one of a few thousand applicants. So you might not have a chance. Going to an agency is much better because they help and support you and you might get a much better job than those you find on your own.

Working in Japan

Would you mind explaining the issues you encountered when you started working at the hotel?

Well actually, the main issue is that my Japanese wasn’t good enough. This was my first time using Keigo, so that was really tough. I was having trouble with my senpai and we didn’t work well together. So I ended up just standing around my whole shift with nothing to do.

What did you do when these problems started?

After my first couple shifts, I contacted you guys and told you what was going on to see if you could help.

Right, then we talked with you and your boss separately to make find a way to solve the problem. What happened after we met?

My boss came to me before my shift to talk. She asked me if I was serious and really wanted to work in a hotel. I told her I did, so she put me with a different partner.

Did having a different partner help?

Yes, things got much better after my boss changed my shift partner. I have been able to learn a lot more, so I can actually do things now and don’t just stand around for my whole shift.

And how is your relationship with everyone now?

It’s good. My new partner was able to teach me everything I needed to know, and recently things have even changed with my old partner and we have been able to work well together; she even bought me ice cream and apologized a few weeks ago.

What do you think you’re going to do from here?

Of course I am going to keep working there, maybe for many years and maybe climb up their [corporate] ladder.

Final Thoughts

So there it is, the story of our buddy D-san who went from Working Holiday to full time employee in just a couple months. Thanks to his good work ethic and friendly attitude he was able to accomplish his goal of living in Japan full time, without having to go back to Canada.

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